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Do you want to get your health back, in easy doable steps and as fast as possible? Do you want to heal your heart, cancer, your back, diabetes and 140 other diseases? Then this book is for you. Even more I describe how to live a healthy life with good food, body exercise, and Chi Gong. I describe the best Chi Gong exercises and give you the best addresses or links for healing, that I have found in this book.

In my book I describe:
Before you heal your body heal first your soul.
The causes of disease are suppressed feelings, stress, unhealthy food, western medicament, too less exercise, too less sleep and rest.
Why we treat our body so bad with unhealthy food, over eating, not enough exercise, too much stress…?
Why is faith the most important thing in our healing?
Why is fear or no faith in the healing the worst?
Why Western medicine can’t give us health and weakens our body?
Why we need a healthy lifestyle, with healthy food such as fresh juices, sprouts, green smoothies, and time for rest, relaxation, and body exercise?
You find the answers in this book.

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