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Have you ever heard an IT team member talking down to a user? A network administrator threatening to block or throttle internet connectivity to a user’s desktop? A perfectly elegant IT solution that is totally unworkable when it is delivered to the users? The stories of IT misalignment with the business they are supposed to serve are legendary, but why is that? Have you ever paused for a moment and thought of the industries that class their customers as “users”? Like the title of the book suggests, IT is in bad company.

I believe the IT leadership can change this environment by considering 7 focus areas
Know Yourself
Build Trust
Establish Accountability
Nourish Relationships
Innovate Business
Transform Teams
Beware Pitfalls

As we walk through each of these focus areas, we will examine how to transform users into customers; we will discuss thoughts on leadership, transformation, tools, and tricks; and share some stories, both good and bad. Do you believe that your team has issues today? Would you like to do something about it? Then the next seven chapters will resonate with you.

Mark Traynor has an IT career spanning over 15 years in high profile industries from motor racing to financial services. He has worked on both sides of the Atlantic and is passionate about the services IT can offer the business and wider world.

While working on his Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida he was bitten by the life long learning bug. That bug is what lead Mark to build this website as he encourages his IT leadership colleagues to take the journey from viewing IT clients as customers instead of users.

With a focus on encouraging learning, Mark is aiming to donate 78% of the profit from this book to charity. The list of charties is still being worked on but Mark hopes that you not only enjoy the content and find it insight but also know that if you purchase the book it will help others in need.

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