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Job search is a piece of work. This book tells us about how to execute it effectively. It is systematic, practical, affordable and humorous! If you do not stop on just reading it but follow the recommendations — blistering career progress is inevitable.

“How do I start looking for a job?”, “How do I find a suitable company?”, “Am I allowed to negotiate salary they offer?”, “Am I ready to compete with experienced professionals?”... When you start your career, questions like these are occupying your mind all the time. How can you find answers to them? Only the one who has tested his own advice and realized where he can win and where he may burn his fingers can advise others. The author of this book has every right to give advice about job hunting and overall career development.

This book can be useful to young people who are at the beginning of their career path and still mistrust their own powers. The experience of the author shows that it’s okay to have doubts and make mistakes. What really matters is how much effort we are willing to spend to pull ourselves together and continue our way towards the goal.

Perhaps, some people are sure that companies will be competing to hire such an excellent employees just after their graduation. And the only thing is entering one’s luxurious office, put one’s feet up on the desk and start giving orders to his/her subordinates. This book is for such people as well. It is worth reading to reassure that this never happens.

A reader will realize one simple truth – a person works out his/her own destiny and, correspondingly, career. Everything depends on us. So, don’t waste your time, “Ready, Steady, Go!..”

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