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Jim, Missy, Andy, Martha, Robert, Pearl, and others of the Memoirs of a Texan saga have descendants who encounter, as they did, issues of their time.

Following Jim Cobb's death in 1923, Cobb, Morgan, Savage, and other descendants contend with

Prohibition, a noble experiment to impose virtue on unwilling America with the hard reality of bootlegging, organized crime, open flaunting of national law, and, finally Prohibition Amendment repeal.

West Texas and East Texas oil discoveries bring wealth and opportunity to hardscrabble Texans.

Commercial aviation emerges from America's delayed and clumsy efforts to become aeronautically strong.

American generated world economic depression leaves Americans poorer despite federal programs, like Hoover Dam, to relieve suffering. A fearful and anxious public awaits Franklin Roosevelt's 1932 election.

As prelude to the coming catastrophic Second World War, the Spanish Civil War erupts in a brutal conflict with Fascist and Communist sponsors.

America is ill-prepared to fight Nazis in Europe and Japanese in the Pacific, but recovers and prevails by the courage of her armed forces and economic strength.

America confronts Communist Berlin Blockade and South Korea invasion after foolishly demobilizing after World War II..

America is drawn into the Vietnamese quagmire and defeated by a determined nationalist enemy.

Islamic fundamentalism forces America to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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