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Holding On to Forbidden Fruit is about a young woman, Karlee, who left an isolated small town to move away to college for the first time. She was a happy youth ignorant to the darkness of the world. Her biggest dream in life was to serve a mission for the church she loves and she was waiting until she was old enough to go.
While as a 19 year old, she started her papers. Only a few shorts days after, Karlee’s dream would forever be out of her reach as she was unknowingly set up on a blind date with a young man who she would later find out was a predator. Her nightmare of an experience on that fateful date would leave Karlee feeling that her Father in Heaven no longer loved her and was ashamed of her in order for her to have had to endure that fearful night.
It took a year utilizing the healing power of the Atonement for Karlee to feel once again that her God loved her. Her love and gratitude for her faith was stronger than ever, yet her fear of men never left her. She reluctantly returned to school where she felt blessed to meet a young man who didn’t scare her. He was the first young man she went on a date with who made her feel safe, until the abuse started.
Karlee spent almost two years enduring the painful roller coaster of psychological and emotional abuse in her relationship with Ryder. She went from loving the gospel to questioning the existence of a divine being. She fell as far as she could go before she found that the only way back up was with the help of Christ.
At age 22, after years of suffering effects of living through abusive circumstances, Karlee rose to take her life back. She learned to forgive the past and have hope for the future. She realized that the only way to truly overcome hardship is through the love of the Lord.

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