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Purple Mango encompasses a collection of poems penned by Jessie Frank. She has a passion for thought provoking poetry. As such this book offers a gem of truth in every page which will change minds and gently touch hearts.

Jessie Frank was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised by the royal family of late Chief Sunday Frank (Group-Head of Nduo Eduo Afia Nsit Obo), late grand-mother Queen Jessie S. Frank and late auntie Emma S. Frank in Ikot Ukap, Ndiya, Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

Even with such great losses at an early age, Jessie has managed to overcome adversities with the potential to result in detrimental repercussions in ones overall success. She lives up to her given name by remaining open, honest, and direct in speech and/or writing. Above all, Jessie is a humanitarian. She is also a motivational speaker, spoken words artist, actress, and a model.

Jessie has appeared on television (touched by an angel) and is part of the cast in Rob Diamonds' latest film "Saint Street." She is in Mel Crows' CZ-918 short film. She has also worked on Mistletones an ABC's Family movie with director Paul Hoen.

Jessie graduated Phi Theta Kappa as a member of the International Honor Society with a Bachelorette of Arts in Political Science, and a Bachelorette of Arts in Criminal Justice from Wright State University. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Western Governors University.

Jessie's radiating positive charisma is characterized by constant change and progress in motivating people to pursue and attain their dreams. Her journey hasn't necessarily been gorgeous but she views them in a positive light. "I love the essence of humanity and endeavor to enhance the social needs of those who are under-served," she says. One of her many missions is to write and present self-empowering poetry that uplifts and motivates individuals alike to continue on their conquest for success even in times of adversity.

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