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Observe with amusement as the author meets Georgia O’Keeffe,
R. C. Gorman, Buffalo Kaplinski and Fritz White.

She was a boarding-school survivor, 1951 Polio epidemic victim, college dropout, office manager and self-employed bookkeeper.
In more incarnations, she was an historic property renovator, urban pioneer, slumlord, partner in water well drilling and other construction companies, financial winner and loser. She has moved over 40 times.

In the 90’s, serving on a Workforce Development Board, Janet was asked to give motivational talks to job-training graduates. To prepare, she reflected on and compared the reasons for her own set-backs, crises and victories.

Now retired and a volunteer, she writes occasional opinion and newsletters, reads news and relishes politics. Her stories have been published in the annual “Oasis Journal” for writers over age 50.
Once, proudly, her 12-column-inch opinion article was published right below the newspaper fold, as a contra-piece to one by William Kristol.

“Art Collector” is just one of the unusual chapters in her almost finished, 44-chapter memoir, “The Glass is Half Full.”

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