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This is a must read, true story, of a soldier who returned to Civilian life, exhibiting signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

A soldier is rigidly reprogrammed with conditioned responses for combat with an enemy of his country. He is also taught responses to keep himself alive, during this combat. A training that leaves an indelible imprint upon the soldiers psyche, not totally apparent until he becomes a civilian again.

You will learn why and how, a Veteran responds to the stimuli, and how it can adversely affect strangers and loved ones in civilian life, although no harm was ever intended.

The objective of this book is primarily, to alert and assist, the non-military person, as well as the community at large, to better understand the returning Veteran, as they transition to civilian life. This transition is not as easy as many may think.

We must honor their commitment to "their duty," to keep our Country safe. We must make a dutiful commitment of our own, to treat them with the same compassion we gave them, as our sons and daughters, before they left us.

They "did for us," what we would never have wanted to do ourselves.

They are All Our Heroes--nothing less! They are all "God's children"...just as you and I are, and are to be, "Embraced, Never To Be Abandoned."

Ruth Ota

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