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In 1997, the author, Angela Thompson, and her husband bought the last remaining Windmill in Scarborough. Operating as a hotel and in need of vast renovation, they spent the next seventeen years laboring tirelessly to turn the flagging property into a ‘Hidden Gem’ for guests to stay, and enjoy the delights of the area.

Living, working and renovating the windmill was Angela’s inspiration to write her romantic novel about a decidedly, different couple...

During a romantic break in Yorkshire, Jamie and Libby Carr discover a rundown windmill and decide on a change of lifestyle; to renovate the property, generate a business together, and focus on bringing back some of the lost passion to their relationship. The couple’s marriage has endured countless periods of separation as Jamie concentrated on expanding his successful Realtor business, in London and Spain.

Giving up her home, career and friends and now living at The Windmill, Libby learns too late her husband's proposal was a ruse as he cites all manner of reasons and excuses to delay joining her.

Jamie’s real objective was to get Libby out of London and continue his illicit affair with Sophia; an old flame and ex-fiancée. He had no intention of joining his wife immediately!

Discovering Jamie’s deception, Libby walks away from her marriage hurt and wounded, but with the help of loyal friends, begins creating a new life at The Windmill.

As more distressing revelations about her husband's deceit come to light, and threaten to cast a dark shadow over Libby's promising future, she decides to take action, and retaliate!

In a stunning climax, aided by her lover, Libby plans to carry out a perfect act of vengeance that Jamie and Sophia will never forget! Until she confronts her fears, Libby knows the joyful future she seeks remains perpetually out of reach…

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