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The SaaS Field Manual Framework is the first book of its kind to offer a comprehensive set of steps for creating and running your first Software as a Service (SaaS), traditional software, or mobile app business. Designed to transform visionaries into founders, the SaaS Field Manual Framework is a non-technical guide that covers all the elements necessary to launch and grow a successful software startup. The framework begins at the ground level, discussing the concepts of manta, mission, vision, and values and how each translate into building a positive culture, healthy work environment, and an amazing product. Next, readers are introduced into the key concepts of software product development. Finally, the framework offers a simple, no-nonsense roadmap to address each of the twelve departments often present in a typical SaaS company. This is the first book of its kind written specifically for new and growing startups and is the compilation of 20 years of consulting experience working with companies both large and small. Rather than spending hours compiling hundreds of blog posts, articles, books, and podcasts, Shane Freeman has created the perfect "need-to-know" framework for companies generating up to $5 million in annual recurring revenue. If you currently have the next great idea and are hoping to transform that into a web or mobile app, then the SaaS Field Manual Framework is a must-have desk reference for your new project.

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