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A deeply skeptical and incisively analytical examination of exceptional breadth, exploring the full range of what we call the sciences.

Beginning with the philosophy of science and theories of knowledge, the author goes on to examine the nature and role of mathematics. Next, he reviews a debate that arose among economists during the mid-twentieth century, providing an accessible introduction to methodological issues central to all of the social and natural sciences.

With that background, the book goes on to look critically at major issues in biology (as reflected in neo-Darwinian theory), physics (including Special and General Relativity), particle physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology and, finally, neuroscience, spanning the classical sciences through the newer areas of scientific investigation. The author offers critical commentary on the writings for the general public of many of the leading scientists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The examination reveals the important things that we do not know about nearly everything that matters, illustrating both the scope and the depth of our ignorance—in short, our amazing lack of understanding of the nature of the Universe and of our place in it.

This book offers provocative thoughts about the possible limits of scientific knowledge, the relationship between science and religion and the role of conscious intelligence in the nature of reality. It raises important questions about issues ranging from intelligent design to fraud in scientific research.

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