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13 year old Lexi considers her life to be pretty perfect. That is until she finds out she’s moving to Miami Florida due to her father being drafted. Unfortunately, everything seems to go downhill from there. Lexi thinks moving is just moving, but when she finds out what that word really means, it’s just another thing to be sad about. New friends, new home, new school, new… everything. Not only does her social life get ripped apart, but so does her family structure. With her dad gone, there’s no job to pay for the water and electricity bill, which means her mom has to get a job. Sadly, her mom is so distracted, she barely ever has the time to pay attention to her own two daughters! Lexi gets used to making microwave dinners almost every night and also gets used to her new neighbor, Emma. A new friendship blossoms and life becomes slightly easier and less lonely. With Emma’s high spirits and helpful tricks, Lexi’s life almost goes back to being perfect like before. One night a man calls and ruins all of Lexi’s progress. The man said that her father was ‘MIA’, whatever that means. She soon finds out and her world falls apart once again. Sadness can’t be permanent… Right?

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First Edition
5.5x8.5, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white, b&w interior, 112 pages