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The purpose of the present study was to explore the perceptions of African American women on how corporate sponsored diversity training impacted their upward mobility into senior leadership positions. Understanding corporate sponsored diversity training impact on career progression can help determine diversity training overall effect on the career development process. The lack of African American women in senior leadership positions continues to be an enormous dilemma in today’s workforce. The continued absence of African American women representation in most senior positions continues to be quite baffling considering. Henderson (1994) reported African American women along with other minorities account for over 50% of the workforce, but less than 5% were in a leadership position. Eight African American women between the ages 28 and 65 were interviewed. A phenomenological interview design approach was used and identified three themes: Professional Growth, Professional Relationships, and Inclusiveness. Overall, the findings revealed a mixture of opinions among the eight participants regarding the impact corporate sponsored diversity training has on African American women upward mobility into senior leadership. The findings also revealed three salient outcomes were essential in diversity training: training accountability, mentorship and policies.

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