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FOCUSED, UNSTUCK, AND BACK IN ACTION is an Instant Audio Workbook with a full transcription, plus audio, and workbook.

The transcript is designed to aid you to "get unstuck" and move beyond your own self-imposed limitations. The book contains the story of my personal struggle to overcome adversity, and major tragedy. I explore why so many of us of become stuck in a time zone during our life, unable to achieve happiness or success, which results in a lack of growth. When your personal life is in turmoil, your career is standing still, your bank account is shrinking, you are more than likely "stuck" in a holding pattern. Frequently, this inability to take action and make changes develop due to circumstances beyond our control. Old self-imposed habits and reactions learned early in life hold us back and get in the way of progress. Moving beyond being "stuck"is an accomplishment anyone can master.

This book is revealing and honest. Why not start today, reinventing your new successful life, emotionally, professionally, and financially.

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Third Edition
PDF Ebook
8.5x11, 20 pages