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Freedoms and burdens
discussed using biblical vocabulary and terminologies.
The difference between necessary burden and unnecessary burden, and
a more subtle difference between Christ and anti-christs; self-conduct.

Christianity and Anti-christianity
A bit of how a little pride, misconception, and presumption can become the factor that causes the difference between the teachings of a loving God, and the destructive ways of an adversary.
Not all confusions come from direct sayings, but our own presumptions and jumping to conclusions. It most likely ends up being able to cause harm to someone and others around that person. Anti-christs and devils are less about red-skinned, cloven-hooved entities and more about changing things to be sin that aren't sins, saying it isn't a sin to those things that are, making someone believe they have to do additional things, making someone believe that they don't have to do certain things, attempting to add and subtract obligations or rights, and to misconstrue ideas, the purpose of admonition, and the intentions of things in general. It could even be making someone believe in a superstition that ends up being burdensome, and preventing that person to live comfortably, with a peace of mind. Something or someone may have a bad name, due to false-advertisement and misrepresentation, by words and example, caused by someone else, intentionally or unintentionally. It may be sabotoge or simply the acts of a confused advocate; a very wreckless and presumptuous, confused advocate. Jesus Christ and Christianity has gotten a bad reputation from the words and actions of others.

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