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In this eclectic memoir, the 82-year-old author reveals how she has thrived on the forefront of historic change. In a conversational tone and colorful language, she describes her personal awareness, reflections on and ignorance of the Zeitgeist.

Entrepreneurial and curious, self-employed since 1969, she has been captured by nontraditional ventures. She took business and personal risks, celebrated successes and overcame failures.

Often, hearing even parts of her life story, friends and acquaintances egged her on, saying, “You should write a book."

With humor and candor she introduces those inspiring, dedicated, creative, dishonorable, winners, losers and “no-count” folks, all of whom made her life exciting, fulfilling or daunting.

Now retired and a volunteer, she reads, writes occasional opinion and newsletters, and relishes politics. Her stories have been published in the annual Oasis Journal for writers over age 50. Her 12-column-inch opinion article was published right below the newspaper fold of the Press Enterprise in southern California, as a contra-piece to one written by William Kristol.

Rarely stopping to ponder, she never kept a diary. These stories are from her cherished or impeded memories and thus are subjective recollections. So she had to change some names to not embarrass some folks or to protect others’ privacy.

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