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“Brilliant!” “Wow… just wow!” “Thank you for that! I never thought of it that way!” “Clever.” “Very interesting!” “Wow. I have read the Bible, and never looked at it like that before.” “Very insightful!” "This is amazing. I read it like 4 times. Love at first sight." "Oh, that is good." “Genius!” These are just some of the responses I have gotten from people who have read the quotes and essays contained within this book. But don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages using the preview function on here and see for yourself if you want to buy it and then act accordingly. As you read this book, you will find some of the most creative, original, and thought-provoking insight on Christianity, religion, and the Bible that you have ever read.

Many different fields or scholarly subjects have categories where critiques and criticism are directed towards the subjects being studied, scrutiny is applied, and objections are raised. The Bible has this category as well. It is called Blasphemy.

Jon Webster, a published author at age 27, has also put together another book as well. Nothing Sacred: An Atheist Quote-A-Day Calendar is also available online on,, and

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