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The Power of Sound, written by Kenneth Stanley, is a book that will make you consider how God may be trying to get your attention. With all the busy-ness going on in your life, it recurrently becomes harder to distinguish who is actually talking to you. This book will deepen your understanding of the biblical foundations of God's voice.

Get ready to:
-Learn the key principles of sounds in your life, in everyday routines.
-Discover the power you have with your voice in the Kingdom.
-Unlock the ability to recognize sounds that the enemy operates in, in order to destroy your life and your family's lives.

The Power of Sound is arranged to not only be an independent study, but can be used in small group form. This allowing churches, families and organizations an opportunity to learn how to hear the voice of God together.

Kenneth Stanley has dedicated his life to serving God and humanity. Hoping to change lives around the world. As a child of God we are all encouraged to know the Father's voice. Famous people have always said the world will not be changed by people that talks all the time, but people that listens.

Prepare yourself to hear the voice of God!

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First Edition
5x8, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white, b&w interior, 164 pages