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Once upon a time there was a little wolf, very cute but really really curious and mischievous: he listened to his parents and older brothers and sisters but then he did whatever he wanted. They were living in a beautiful, sunny clearing where the cubs played and played all day long without any trouble or worry.

But one day Father wolf came back without any food and told them they needed to move their liar to another forest. So the next morning Mother wolf counted her cubs and said they were ready to leave. They had a long way to go through unknown and dangerous places, therefore she advised them to stay together and nearby.

At first the little wolf followed them, but then his natural curiosity got the better of him. What a lot of wonderful things to examine, to sniff, to chase: look at that beautiful, colorful butterfly and there, a bush with red berries and what was that new smell?! Our wolf-cub wanted to explore everywhere and experience everything! His mother kept calling him but he, little by little, began to lag behind.

Suddenly it started to rain and our little wolf thought: “ Where is my pack?”. He couldn’t see or smell them anymore because the rain had washed away any trace or scent of his family. All by himself, the wolf-cub started to whine, to run, to sniff around searching for them but to no avail! He kept thinking: ” Why didn’t I listen to my mother, paid more attention instead of being interested in a butterfly, in a bush?”
Meanwhile it was getting dark and the cub alone, dripping wet and desperate began to wander aimlessly. All of a sudden he felt a blow on the head and ,looking up, he saw something he had never seen before: it was a fence, big and scary for him! He wanted to leave at once because he knew the fence had been built by humans and wolves stay far away from them!

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