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This is a How-Did book not a How-To book. The difference may seem slight but it is significant. A How-Did book leaves out steps and details which would be important for someone actually following along and attempting to recreate the same work. A How-Did book, on the other hand, takes you on a journey and moves along briskly, skipping over minute details, but all along inspiring and entertaining the reader. It isn't necessary to do what I did, but it is fun to read about it, and enjoy the MANY, MANY PICTURES! You will learn much from the experience. And, when you finally start out on your own project, you might borrow some of what you have seen here.

Adrian Martin has written another How-Did book entitled "Skirting the Shore - Reflections on Sailing the Great Loop", available as an e-book on Amazon.com, Fastpencil, and hardcover at LuLu.com.

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