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It's wonderful as a parent to be proud of your child. Not being a parent, I have no children to be proud of. But I DO have one VERY special mom, Kay Zwerling, of whom I am as proud as anyone can be.

My father Bernard, blessed with an amazing sense of humor, used to jokingly ask my mom, "How many people admired you today?" Mom and I would chuckle, never dreaming how fitting and appropriate that question would be someday.

I always knew Mom had a fine mind, a great, clear speaking voice, and a special flair to be direct, logical, and concise with her thoughts.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to see Mom, now 89 going on 49, evolve and grow into a most popular and certainly THE MOST ADMIRED personality on our family-owned, independent news-talk radio station, AM 1080 KSCO which serves the Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley areas of California.

Please enjoy this long-requested compilation of Kay's Commentaries, written and broadcast for more than a decade by my very best friend.

Michael L. Zwerling
Owner, KSCO NewsTalk AM 1080
Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz-San Jose

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