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Sam and Pete are two school boys who dream
of travelling the universe. They invent the
Tentobots that take them on this journey.
There are stars so boiling hot that you cannot
imagine, constellations and planets that need help!
Will Sam, Pete and their friend, Porsche, have
a fun adventure? Will they be superheroes?
Will they save the day? Will they survive?
Join three young space explorers as they travel
through dangerous, alien-infested and exciting

About the Author
Turbo (Vachiravich Phantratanamongkol) is
a 7.5 years old Thai boy, who has been obsessed
with space, planets and stars since he was
4 years old. He has spent many hours reading,
researching and day-dreaming about astrology.
Sam's Journey around Space is Turbo's first
published book; however he has worked on
and created many imaginative comic strips
and stories.
He studies at Bangkok Patana School, enjoying
literature, Maths and Science. His hobbies
include playing piano, drawing, being creative
and learning about space. One of his many goals
in life is to be an accomplished writer.
Thanks to all of his teachers who have supported
him and made his dream come true.

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First Edition
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white, b&w interior, 24 pages