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Personality constitutes a specific constellation of behaviors. When these conform to societal norms a person is considered to have a well-functioning personality. Yet, in every complex civilization there is the suppression of the soul within a prison of flesh, crying out for help. There is no general theory of personality that can define all of them. However, within each individual is the ability to trace the genesis of essentially all of his/her “neurotic” traits, fears, and seemingly inexplicable behavior patterns through the use of directed imagery, the “Mind Trip.” This book is a practical guide to recover our True Self by examining the roots of our programmed behaviors. Dr. Pecci, has been a practicing psychiatrist since 1964, was president of the Rosebridge Graduate School of Psychology and is Board Certified in Psychology and Neurology. He has written many books and articles on psychology, philosophy, and spirituality which merge Eastern and Western thinking.

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