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Men like Keaton Albertson should be put to sleep. At least, that’s what he was told by his last girlfriend. As a self-proclaimed ladies’ man, Keaton has many times ventured into the dank realms of female sensuality and has thoroughly satisfied many wanton women’s desires. Some of his personal experiences have been enlightening and meaningful. Others have been degrading and marked with the objectification of the fairer sex as being nothing more than tapestries of meat. Keaton chose to write of these latter experiences to help others understand his affliction of being burdened with a massive penis and a consequential moral obligation to share this endowment with multitudes of deficient vaginas. SKANKS is a non-fiction collection of crass stories that detail the most poignant of Keaton’s sexual encounters with a diverse selection of tawdry tarts. The erotic annals within this work describe carnal acts with a wonderful alliteration of juvenile slang. Complete with rich dialogue and pornographic-quality rhetoric, SKANKS is replete with politically incorrect, masculine humor for those who enjoy reading crude satire.

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First Edition
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white, b&w interior, 172 pages