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The Job Seekers Survival Guide is an insiders view of the frustrating process of being in the market for a job and how to effectively deal with it. The author, Terry Cobb, spent thirty years in the world of recruiting and human resources. The total of these years combined working within the military, the federal government, the mortgage industry, headhunting IT (Information Technology) professionals, the banking world, inside and outside sales and the housing market. He's recruited for positions in aviation, engineering, medical, information technology, communications, sales, management, construction, human resources and others, ranging from entry level to senior level management. Terry has reviewed literally thousands of resumes and interviewed many of those prospects telephonically and in person. The knowledge he's gained from all of these experiences led him to create and start his own consulting business, HR-Employment Solutions. From this platform, he writes professional resumes, cover letters and provides expert guidance to job seekers of all levels and professions. He provides short and long term consultative services for businesses to supplement their recruiting and employee relations needs. Additionally, he helps military members and veterans with the difficult transition from military to civilian employment. In order to reach a a larger percentage of the ever growing population of job seekers, he decided this book would be the perfect format.

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