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Thea creates fire and Gerald can control life, how crazy could life possibly get? When the world is ending the crazy isn't the half of it! Join Thea, Gerald and their friends in an impossible race against time to halt the destruction of the Earth.

" The clouds were black as the night itself with big splashes of lava leaping across it.Waves as high as the fleeing birds raged over the cliffs, crushing everything with its powerful wake. Winds were howling like nothing before, bringing down anything that stood in its path. Trees were pulled straight out of the ground, coastal homes were being smashed apart wall by wall and ice rained down like diamonds.
Through all the darkness Thea seemed like an angel. There was a dim glow around her that gleamed a shining bronze and grew brighter with every beat of her powerful wings, making the tips of her already golden hair look as if they were on fire. "

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