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Do you have a business idea but don't know where to start? Business competition is fierce. Less than 50% of new businesses survive five years and only 1% of start-ups get funded. How can you beat odds like that?

In Your Startup Company as an Experiment, How to Apply the Scientific Method to the Creation of a New Business by Cynthia Kocialski, you’ll find out why strategy and not execution matters most. Many business start-ups lack direction and are misguided by mixed opinions. No matter the state of the economy, innovative and fresh business ideas are always in demand. You will learn what is today's most powerful strategy to build your proof concept and to gain customers.

Your efforts to create and grow a successful new business can be much easier than you would ever imagine if you develop a concept plan and apply a strategy for a designing and conducting business experiments.

Successful new businesses are possible. Yet, entrepreneurs continue to start their new businesses the same way and get the same disappointing results. In this invaluable guide, you’ll be shown a better way to start a new business. You’ll discover:

• Why entrepreneurs should ditch the traditional business plan and why it can be more harmful than good,
• What is a concept plan and why it is better for a new business than the traditional business plan,
• How an entrepreneur can develop a strategy to design and conduct business experiments,
• How to demonstrate that a business is viable because until proof of concept is shown, the business is an experimental start-up.

Gain startling insight into this simple strategy. Avoid numerous mistakes made by new entrepreneurs. Learn how to attract investors. Build your proof of concept of a viable business. Your Startup Company As An Experiment provides insightful and practical methods and tips for you to complete the experimental start-up phase and ensure a proper foundation for success.

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