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"Building Businesses That Run Themselves" discusses actions that must be taken by business leaders to put together a company that knows what it needs to do, knows how to do it, and does it on a regular basis without requiring super-heroics to manage day by day.

There are three books that compose the entire series:

"Part I - The Foundation Effect" is an integration of vintage management tools to identify and remove barriers to high performance.

"Part II - The Leadership Factor" discusses the evolution of the people that set destination, course, heading and call to action.

"Part III - Vivid Value Creation" discusses customer experience, lifecycle management, and constant innovation across the value chain.

A company that has an excellent foundation, strong leadership, and a vibrant value creation engine runs efficiently and effectively, leaving time at the top for managing big picture topics, not day to day activities.

This High Performance Workbook takes one segment of the Performance Framework introduced in "Part I - The Foundation Effect" and focuses on that portion only. Separate chapters define each element of the High Performance model and worksheets are provided that help a company drive towards high performance.

By using this workbook, a business should be able to analyze its own performance which is a required step in removing performance barriers. A business that understands their barriers to performance and works towards removing those barriers will execute with higher efficiency, getting more accomplished with less effort through happier employees while simultaneously achieving greater customer satisfaction.

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