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Spring Over Ashes * Primavera Sobre Cinzas, 2011, Saint Albert, Alberta, Canada, includes poems in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The poems were written since 2006.

Mario is a poet, writer, and journalist living in Canada since 2001. Originally from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, he lives in Saint Albert, Alberta. Mario also writes in his blogs (www.verapoieis.org and www.globalwill.org) and for many years has worked as an IT professional. He now dedicates his time to poetry, literature, inspiring freedom and justice, and collaborating for the development and growth of the Writers Beyond Borders Association (www.writersbeyondborders.ca), in whose creation he has been involved since the beginning.

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First Edition: 2011
Multiple languages
PDF eBook
6x9, 234 pages