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Retired Gunnery Sergeant Tyler Leon 'Gunney Lee' Wilson's life has been on hold since the death of his wife. Sure, he goes to his restaurant and opens and generally takes care of business. He goes to the market and sees his wife's friend Lauren regularly, touches base but works at it to keep them at arm's length. His one small pleasure is sharing the occasional steak and movie with his friend Arturo Zimmerman across the street. Strange character, older guy always bringing home a lady-of-the-week - or night, if things don't work out. The guy a dog even though he's pushing sixty, maybe past that. Arturo drops few hints about his life, what brought him to Waco, Texas, but Gunny Lee knows the man was in the Army at one time, maybe retired, maybe not. Gunny himself had retired at thirty-eight, with secrets of his own. Still, it's all just a routine little better than when he was in the Marines. Stateside, places like Japan and other embassy assignments, even the shit-storm in Iraq, they all had their monotonous routines. After retirement finding his wife had made it all different. Now his life had become routine again, just like before he had met her....

Then Gunny Lee looks out his window one morning after breakfast to see a bunch of armed men in Arturo's yard. Soon shots are fired and Gunny, Arturo, and Lauren are on the run, the Marine not sure if it's enough to start living life again even with the millions promised him by Arturo....

In the end it's all about the hunters - not just the man chasing Arturo and his secrets, but Arturo hunting a life he may have been foolish to give up. Lauren hunting the man she finally realizes is the one she's been searching for all her life. And Tyler Lee must hunt not for the will to live, but the ability to let go and seize the life that's been right in front of him from the beginning.

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