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The complete adventure of Battle For the Universe is complete and only on Join in on an adventure between humans and animals as they try to stop all galactic threats both in the past and the future. Join characters such as Shawn Lenne, Duck Stronoff, Colonel T.J., Jon and many others as they save the world in this six part book complete with lots of dialogue, entertaining story and lots of subtle humor.

Part One: The Lenne Legacy
Part Two: Lila's Reign
Part Three: Heroes of Yesteryear
Part Four: The Price of Immortality
Part Five: Omega
Part Six: Aftermath

This book was written in Girard, Kansas. The authors and the artists currently reside here. Tyler Workman has graduated from Girard High School and Jonathan Kroenke Jr.currently attends Girard High School. The main artist's name is Shawn Lenne. He graduated from Girard, also.

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2014 First Edition
6x9, Hardcover - Case Laminate Gloss, white, b&w interior, 280 pages