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99% of the Guys' and Gals' playing POKER, are low-limit poker players, By low-limit I mean this group goes to the poker room with $200.00 or less and if I could get the real truth? It would probably be more like $80.00 or less. These poker players are the ones that keep the poker rooms open and alive. When you enter the poker room you will notice that there are about 10:1 low limit players to high limit players. We the low-limit players pay the same amount to [PLAY "PER HOUR"] as the high limit players pay, but we {low-limit players} receive very few benefits, compared to High Limit players.

This book is strictly for the 99% of the players. I have spent many hours talking to and playing with low-limit players, so I could address their problems and give them a better chance when they sit at the poker table. If you follow only a couple of the ideals presented in this book, You will increase your FUN, ATTITUDE, SELF-CONFIDENCE and in turn you will increase your CHIP STACK:::::: An this is what playing poker should be about.

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