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What if I told you that recently declassified documents reveal that a secret space race took place around World War II, with many of the world’s superpowers competing to create a flying saucer that could land and take off without need for a runway? What if I told you that the winner of this race was not a white-coated military scientist, but an artist with dirt beneath his nails who worked and lived on a remote, powerless homestead on California’s Central Coast?

Alexander Weygers did not even own an overhead lamp, yet this classically trained sculptor knew something about innovation that others who were infinitely better resourced did not. How did he do it? How did a man living an “Adam-and-Eve existence,” as his wife put it, create the Discopter – an invention every bit as ambitious as the Wright Brothers’ flying machine?

At long last the secrets of Alexander Weygers are revealed in LIFT: Seven Lessons for Innovators from an Otherworldly Thinker.

“Alexander Weygers (was) a modern Leonardo da Vinci.” – San Francisco Chronicle

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First Edition
6x9, Hardcover with Gloss Jacket - Case Blue Cloth, White Matte (50#), b&w interior, 160 pages