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This is the ULTIMATE "How-to" book for the Christian online dater. This book covers everything you need to know about finding a Christ-centered relationship, from start to a "forever" finish! You'll learn:

1. How to prepare yourself for your "last, forever" relationship!
2. Where to look online
3. How to set up your profile
4. Recognizing liars and scammers
5. How to choose...wisely!
6. How to protect yourself from another relationship "disaster"
7. What is biblically-based dating?
8. Biblical relationship models
9. What is REAL love?
10. How to achieve "forever"

No matter who you are, no matter what you've been through, God DOES have a plan for you! Yes, God loves you, and He wants so much to meet your needs -- for love, touch, and companionship. But, if you are like most, you are frustrated with the whole "dating' scene. You've been burned, over and over again! And you're wondering, isn't there a BETTER way to do this, without all the pain and chaos?

Well, YES, there is! God has a game plan that blows away the standard "MO" of the "world." It works! There IS someone God is preparing for you, at this very moment. You CAN find "forever!"

We've tried the world's way, and all it's gotten us is pain and disappointment. But no more. Been there, done that! We're ready for a new way -- God's way! After all, HE made us. He certainly knows how we work best!

So, here's your opportunity to learn a fresh, new approach to dating! And, here's your opportunity to find the REAL thing -- the kind of relationship you've never experienced before. It's time for... "forever!"

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