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This is a story about me, Nickie Foster. Some things are true, some things are fictionalized and some things are just out and out tall tales! I won't be be letting you know which is which - that would just take all the fun out of writing this in the first place. For instance, my name may or may not be Nickie Foster, heck for all you know my name could be Pernellia Squitzelmasher and it wouldn't make a difference in how the story gets told. This story, even the true parts are my opinion of how things happened. And, let's face it, we all have opinions. Many of our opinions are nothing more than beliefs and most of us don't let facts stand in the way of what we believe. So, believe what you want, it won't change the facts and hearing the facts about something we believe rarely changes what we believe, unless the facts back up our opinions.

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