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Kanika Taylor and Stephanie Williams are very proud mothers; they are sisters to one another as well as others, auntie’s, a wife and friends. Theses sisters were born and raised in New York City (Harlem) New York, than spent a grand amount of years living in Indianapolis Indiana but choose now to get back to the North side! In conversation with them, to create this profile, I became utterly impressed! These are two, Intelligent and talented young beautiful African American, head strong ladies. Then, personally I will add humorous! I asked, “What made you write this book? Turning to each other they laughed! This book was born from a personal conversation the two were having about their own personal relationships. One, they can’t agree on who, said, “Boy, we could write a book”. And they did, by taking a few of their own life disappointments and hardships, than transformed that pain, into this deep, exciting and interesting novel.
This breath taking fictional tale will not disappoint. It will move your heart as you follow the journeys of:
Monica- Sade- Kayleen- Lanisha – Armani and Diamond. Six different women who meet up in a therapeutic group and tell their tragic tale and once they begin to share you will remain hypnotized until the very end.
Get comfortable and enjoy. Question:
Is there, behind every man a woman willing to steal, lie, cheat or even kill for him? H. C. Shafer.

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First Edition
5.5x8.5, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, creme, b&w interior, 192 pages