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Am I too old to start a new career? For some reason, I am asked this quite frequently. My answer is always NO. I truly believe we can do anything at any age if we have the desire. To prove it, I decided that
I still had an unfulfilled dream and decided that it was time that I tackled it. After 50 years teaching and raising five wonderful daughters, I have completed a booklet called The ‘Shopping Truth About Christmas.’ Researching this book has been a new, wonderful, exciting experience. Writing it proved to be much more difficult than I ever thought. I have a new appreciation for all the gifted authors in our world. However, the new way in which books are published on the Internet is a motivating factor for anyone who wishes to write.
I chose topic ‘The Shopping Truth About Christmas’ because of the crazy commercialization which surrounds our Christmas tradition really irritates and upsets me. ‘Why do we do it?’ I ask myself every year, so I decided to find some answers. However, my research took me on an earth-shattering journey, which the book will reveal.

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