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Welcome to Northern California, also known as NorCal. The NorCal coastline is very different from SoCal. There aren't as many beach breaks and the waves are thicker and more powerful, rolling in from way up north. What you will find is more reef breaks that channel perfect, long, predictable waves. You should come prepared for the cold water, too. Most NorCal surfers sport 4mm wetsuits with hoods and gloves.

The other thing about NorCal is the surfers can be pretty territorial, especially if you waltz in and start snaking all the waves. So be sure to bring along an extra helping of respect and kindness, know the rules and pay attention out there. I guess it's unfair to say this is true about NorCal surfers because surfers everywhere can be jerks. Just be on your best and don't contribute to the chaos.

That being said, there are plenty of great surf spots that will satisfy your craving for waves. Whether you are a beginner or a traveling superstar, NorCal has some of the best surf spots in the world for you. Couple that with some awesome restaurants in these cool beach towns and you've got a spectacular surf adventure.

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