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"Building Businesses That Run Themselves" discusses actions that must be taken by business leaders to put together a company that knows what it needs to do, knows how to do it, and does it on a regular basis without requiring super-heroics to manage day by day.

This book is the first of three that compose the entire series:

"Part I - The Foundation Effect" is an integration of vintage management tools to identify and remove barriers to high performance.

"Part II - The Leadership Factor" discusses the evolution of the people that set destination, course, heading and call to action.
"Part III - Vivid Value Creation" discusses customer experience, lifecycle management, and constant innovation across the value chain.

A company that has an excellent foundation, strong leadership, and a vibrant value creation engine runs efficiently and effectively, leaving time at the top for managing big picture topics, not day to day activities.

James Stewart is a seasoned
executive with over thirty years
experience in high tech business
and recent positions at VP and
COO levels. He is now the
Executive Director of SHARPER
COUNSEL LLC, a company
dedicated to the improvement
of high potential businesses.

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