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Everything we do or don't do, every issue in life, every problem comes down to the same four basic human necessities. One of these is your prime need. This is the one thing you strive to obtain at all times. This is the one thing your life revolves around. This is your inner drive. This is what motivates you. If this necessity is not being filled or is being filled on a primal level, you suffer from emotional pain. Life is not happy. Life is not fulfilling. Life is dull. You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or fear. You may lack a sense of self. You may lack confidence. You may lack the will to live. You may think life is hard. How to Heart Life leads you to understand the four basic necessities. It guides you to discover your prime necessity, your inner drive, your motivator. Once you understand this, you will be able to change our focus from the problems in your life to the answer. You will be able to create energizing action to get you to your desired goal. You will come alive. You will create passion in your life. What do you want? What do you want to change? What is blocking you from getting that? I was once like you. I was depressed. I worked hard but was unable to make life work for me. My life was filled with uncertainty. I felt a loss of control. Truth was I gave away my control and that created uncertainty. It seemed I had a bad attitude. But really it was a bad life that created a bad mood. But then when I understood what I truly wanted, everything became clear. For the first time in my life, I understood what made me tick. I understood what made other people tick. It was exciting. It was energizing. I broke old habits and created new ones. I went from wanting and needing to having. My confidence grew. I acquired self-esteem, self-respect and an improved sense of self-image. I eliminated my depression. Life gives us detours. When we learn keep our compass pointed toward a goal we will get where we want to go. You can get there from where you are.

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