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Pete Mosley is Business Editor for craft&design magazine. He works as coach and mentor to a wide range of creative and exceptional people.

'This book is for everyone out there that has a head full of ideas and the notion that earning a living from their own creative endeavour is simply the best thing ever.'

It's aimed at:

*People with a hobby on the verge of a business -
working from home, studio or garden shed.
*People who are desperate to escape the 9-5, or through redundancy or change of circumstances, need to start afresh.
*Start-ups and fledgling businesses needing ideas, inspiration, and a guide to what works.
*More mature businesses that need some fresh thinking
*Folk who are looking for a friendly, jargon free guide

People like you:

Wood-turners, glass artists, potters,cake-makers, furniture makers, artists, coracle-builders, soap and candle makers, calligraphers and illustrators, jewellers, bead workers, blacksmiths, spoon carvers, knitters and weavers, model makers, leather workers, basket makers, toy makers, musical instrument makers, rug makers, well - all creative people!
If you recognise yourself in this list, Make Your Creativity Pay will resonate, because for you it may well fill a need, solve a problem, answer questions, provide help and support, get you heading in the right direction.

It will help you 'Make Your Creativity Pay'.

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First Edition
PDF eBook
5x8, 140 pages