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The text of The Revelation of John: Sent Again in the Form of Pictures follows the exact words given in the Revelation of John. Not one word is added or taken away from the translation obtained from the World English Bible (WEB). What is new, unique and actually a miracle are the pictures used in the book. The pictures have been taken from the windows of buildings, the Sun, water, sunsets, sunrises, trees and the sky. All the pictures are set in the book to follow the text and as images and scenes directly relate to the verses of Revelation. The subtitles are not part of the Revelation Text but have been placed under the pictures for purposes of guiding the reader. The World English Bible is a very accurate translation and fortunately was given to the populace without any copyright. An action that was not followed by other translations.
The images are not stains nor solid objects but rather fleeting pulses of light. Images may be collected at different times of the day and year. Many images appear to be similar to the spirits that were described and mentioned by John. The ramifications of the images shown in this work will totally change the way we look at our existence and understand our universe. This is a non-fiction work and is without comparison. We definitely recommended it for your immediate examination. Read it and we hope you recommend it to all!

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