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We have been fed a diet of misinformation spanning hundreds of years, the extent of which is possibly without parallel. Biographers in particular have been at the forefront of this misinformation, trying and succeeding in getting the world to believe that a William Shakspere of Stratford-Upon-Avon wrote the works of Shakespeare. Detailed research by honest lovers of Shakespeare can find little, if any, evidence which would substantiate this claim.

The issue has been raised many times. However, it is now time to take a more objective look at all that's been told to us.

Does it matter? I here you say. Can and should we not be content with having the works of Shakespeare as a national treasure and get on with enjoying them, instead of worrying about who the author was? Yes, it does matter, because it’s an appeal for justice. We should never be content until a wrong has been righted. Ask the many people who have crusaded on a variety of subjects to see their cause upheld.

History has been distorted by the misinformation that has been laid before us. Lovers of Shakespeare need to stand up and denounce this man from Stratford-Upon-Avon as being the author, as there is simply not enough evidence.

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