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Hey you.......Yes you. It was your eyes of Curi Osity that brought you to this book right now at this very moment.
Author Larry Stigsell decided he wanted to write a book that would turn the lives of everyone who read it into a more healthy and meaningful lifestyle. With the insight of his wife Cathy, he went on to begin by taking the first step to set out on his goal. So was born the book, "The Eyes of Curi Osity." Inside the pages of this book holds the inspiration, direction, and the motivation that you need to change your life forever and turn your vision of dreams into a realistic and meaningful healthy lifestyle.
Curi Osity is a fictional character that lives in a non-fictional world. His mission is to enrich and motivate you as a reader into a more meaningful life through a better realization of self-appreciation and that realistic dreams can be achieved in life through goal setting, persistence, and dedication to your efforts. "The Eyes of Curi Osity" is a real wakeup call to life and and the joys of living.
Looking through the Eyes of Curi Osity you will also read a truly amazing special and true to life inspirational chapter with photos of one man called Wayne from Neenah, Wisconsin. The chapter is called, "The Biggest Loser who Won the Fight for his Life."
It makes no difference who you are, this book has the power to change the lives of everyone who reads it. Begin turning your life around today and feel great about yourself. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. "The Eyes of Curi Osity" is a book that makes you want to read it again and again.

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