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How to meditate easy with peace and bliss in the mind? This book shows how to release negative feelings and thoughts, how to gain bliss through the energy pump technique, and how to ground negative thoughts so that they disappear. We learn in this book, that meditation reflects what is inside of us. That fighting against our thoughts will not help, because our suppressed feelings have caused the thoughts; and 80% of our thoughts are fear driven. Remove the fears and you calm down.
You will learn in this book:
1. How to make meditation fun?
2. How to gain bliss and inner peace through meditation?
3. How to gain true love and much more through Tantra and Tao-Love?
4. How to learn to Love God?
5. How to get fast and lasting results from our meditation?
6. Why is rejecting things so bad for our meditation and life?
7. Why doesn’t suppressing feelings and thoughts work?
8. How we can free us from our negative thoughts/feelings?
9. How can we ground our thoughts with meditation?
10. How to become healthy through meditation?

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First Edition
PDF eBook
5.5x8.5, 95 pages