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In early 1998, Rasha began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness” --the Divinity we all share. As Oneness guided her step by step through the agonies and the exultation of an experiential voyage to God-realization, Rasha painstakingly documented the principles that lay the foundation for a new level of understanding of the phenomenon we call “life.”

In just one generation, our lives and our world have been shaken beyond recognition by unprecedented levels of change. The rules of life we were taught to bank on -- and the bastions of scientific proof that held it all together -- have begun to shift. We’re discovering that the very foundation on which our world rests is no longer on solid ground. In its place, another kind of truth has emerged – a profound sense of Divine inter-connectedness we’ve begun to discover within the depths of each of us. Now, as a race of beings, we’ve begun to bridge the worlds of science and spirit, as we explore and recognize the validity of these astonishing concepts.

In this groundbreaking work, we are guided to understand the timeless mystery of our existence. We discover the clues that empower us to create the kinds of lives we long for, and how to release the vibrational constraints that prevent us from realizing our dreams. We learn to recognize the patterns of emotion that undermine our best intentions. And we begin to re-direct the focus of our attention to harmonize with the flow of the powerful energies accelerating all around us – and with the power of Creation that drives it.

Oneness speaks in a voice that reaches out to the heart of each of us. The words are personal – and the experience of embracing the understandings they hold is transformational. We come away from the simple act of reading feeling like we’ve been touched by something indescribable – and holy.

Ultimately, Oneness addresses our timeless quest for oneness with the Divine with revelations that reveal the mystery of our existence. In the process, we come to grasp the significance of the choice each of us has made to be present, in physical form, in these extraordinary times.

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