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As a degreed scholar with many ijazas, expert on all Five Schools of Islamic Thought, Historian, Islamic Jurist, Community Leader, Elected Imam, Educator, Liaison, and Relationship Coach, Imam Rasheed has spent more than 2 decades counseling thousands of women and men from all walks of life on controversial issues such as marriage, inter-gender relationships, social and community redevelopment, inter-faith dynamics, health, and spirituality etc., entitling him to write on those topics that help foster and garner excellent moral conduct in women. "Seven Flowers" is by far a dynamically charged, empirically rich, and phenomenally colorful garden through which all women can transform themselves in observable and measurable ways. Support the Imam’s vision of unifying humanity by reading his current literary works and forge his mission by anticipating future works such as: Reflections From My Heart, Dove Chronicles, Seven Flowers (Characteristics of a Blessed Man According to Holy Quran and Sunnah of Muhammed) peace be upon him, Abstract Reasoning, Searching for Heaven, The Science of Musa a.s., The Science of Khidr a.s., and The Gang Virus on Tumblr, Watt Pad, Pinterest, Instagram @shaykhbilalrasheed and on YouTube via University of Tajdeed. -Hope Dundrei Barbari

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