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The hands on the cover of this book is holding a sum of money. The image next to the hands is bigger. Why?

What if: you have accumulated a nest egg of money for your retirement, and

What if: you could transfer that nest egg to an account that would never be taxed in the future, and

What if: that same nest egg would then spend as if it were three to four times as much after the transfer.

When would your start the transfer?

Where your nest egg is stored is more important than what it earns.

The Capital Equivalent Value of Life Insurance explains why this is true. It also explains just how much any alternate investment would have to earn to approximate the economic value of a life insurance contract.

When you get to the end you may wonder why everyone isn’t applying this strategy. The simple answer is that everyone who understands does.

Read the entire series Confessions of a CPA to fully understand.

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