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In this book, Ariah Velasquez takes a spiritual and practical approach to having a happy relationship. She uses elements of metaphysics, therapy, and true life experience to help teach readers how to really transcend the inability for many to make a relationship last.

Ariah Velasquez started healing others at the age of 21. When she was 30, she became a traditional counselor trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California. She met the love of her life at 33, and has never been the same. When she realized that love could be that easy, she decided to try to understand what it really was that made her relationship so good. After thousands of sessions with clients, Ariah clearly saw the need for people to learn how to truly be in loving relationships that lasts. In a world where divorce is so common, yet the quest for love so strong, she knew this book would be a necessity for anyone wishing to dive deep into a fulfilling relationship that can last for years and years. This book is a practical guide that can be used even if you have never been involved in metaphysical studies. While Ariah's approach is very metaphysical, she breaks down the concepts in a way that all walks of life can relate to.

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