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Then to the right of them Avery heard strange voices, not white men voices; Indian voices. She couldn’t tell what they were sayin’, so she got a little closer. Then she heard them talk in their strange language of short words. "Cattle farm too close, must force white men to move it." "Yes, danger to tribe, they must move it." "Yes, if don't by new moon, then attack, with one thousand men." "Wait, there’s white girl! Get her!" Avery gasped, and tried to veer Brandy away, but them Indians are quick. They got Avery off Brandy in two shakes of a bull’s tail. They tied up the kickin’ Brandy, and dragged Avery into a teepee. "Did she hear plan?" "I don’t know. Ask." "Did you hear plan?" Avery shook her head, "N-no sir." The Indian stared straight into her face. Avery could feel the hot breath engulfin’ her face. "Do not trust. She lie." "Oh no! We must kill." Cried the other Indian. Avery gasped in horror, no wonder they are called savages, she thought. "Yes, kill." Avery gulped, then said, "Wait, if you let me go, I’ll go tell the Mayor and he will move the cattle ranch." The Indians burst out laughin’. What are they laughin’ ‘bout? Avery wondered to herself. Then the Indians said, "You may go and try to change the Mayor’s mind." With that, they took her outside and put her back on her horse. Brandy took off homeward, and never stopped to look back.

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